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Calgary Social Media Marketing

Calgary Social Media

Call: 403-991-8863 Email: david@CalgarySocialMarketing.com


  • Many Calgary business owners are still not sure about the role of social media marketing in their business. Some owners are investing heavily in social media but are struggling to see the direct benefit of their efforts. Calgary Social Media Marketing Services - we are a Calgary Social Media Marketing company specializing in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ social community building, social media advertising campaigns, and social media training for Calgary businesses.We are a Calgary Social Media Marketing company specializing in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ social community building, social media advertising campaigns, and social media training for Calgary businesses.

    • Regular Reporting of what social media is doing for their business
    • Daily content on multiple social channels
    • A strong connection between your social media and your current marketing
    • A fair price
    David Howse of CalgarySocialMarketing.com is one of Calgary's most respected marketers and also teaches Social Media Marketing at Mount Royal University. Call David at 403-991-8863 or email: david@calgarysocialmedia.com

    We manage:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+ and Google Map
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Youtube
    • Youtube
    • and industry specific sites
    We can also manage Google Analytics for you, website design, and Google advertising.

    Some of our Social Media Marketing clients include:

    • PDQ Roofing
    • Cawston & Associates
    • Rocky Point Academy
    • Borger Group
    • Kubitz and Company Law
    • and more

    Social Media for Construction and Industrial

    If you are an owner or manager of a Calgary construction or industrial company, you may think social media marketing will not fit your marketing. The truth is social media sites are a critical element of your business. Consider these scenarios:

    • HR Recruiting: Many companies spend thousands of dollars with newspaper ads or by paying for listings on websites such as Workopolis. Almost no one is setting up a company account on a social media site, managing the growing community, and targeting ads at the workers they need. We're doing this for a Calgary company and have saved them over $50,000 in recruiting costs in the past 18 months. What's great about this is that your online community will continue to grow making it a more and more valuable asset to your company.
    • Public Relations: A news-worthy story happens in your business but the media doesn't think it's important, or it happens on a busy news day. Social media enables you to be a news maker. With some good stakeholder engagement strategies, you have the potential of doing a better job than the media could. Journalists follow social media channels and many times what was first posted on Twitter or Facebook became mainstream news.
    • Relationship Building: You have clients; are those clients using social media? Using social media as a relationship builder or B2B promotion tool can be very effective.
    • Marketing: Social media sites have a very strong marketing aspect. From increasing website traffic, SEO, and research opportunities, there are many reasons an industrial business should be on social media
    Contact us to help you develop and manage the right social media strategies for your business.

    For more on social media marketing in Calgary visit: Calgary Social Media Marketing.

    Having good website content helps in your marketing, having good things to say about your Calgary business gives you the content for social media marketing. Not everything in your social media marketing need be about interactive messaging. It's okay just to promote products too.

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    About Social Media Marketing

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    Our mission is to provide examples of various social media marketing strategies in Calgary. We will focus on fashion marketing, jewellery accessories, Calgary business people, and Calgary events.
    Contact us if you have any questions.

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