Calgary Social Media Marketing Agency

About 10 years ago (2008) most of B2B social media was driven by people talking about social media. Today, most successful businesses have a social media strategy. In Calgary, even the top underground utility construction companies have embrased social media marketing.

One area when businesses still need help is in social media platform community building. Using social media only for the purpose of advertising or self promotion is not entirely wrong but it is limited in how much such a strategy will help your business.

To avoid the traps of social media marketing it is important to have a well thought out strategy. Below are some photos of our Calgary clients and a discussion of Calgary Social Media Marketing strategies.

  • Fancy Cufflinks is the newest of all the businesses featured on this website but the social media marketing is building some momentum.


  • Bill Borger
    Bill Borger Jr. and David Howse

    David Howse is known as the top marketer in Calgary. Bill Borger Jr. is one of Howse's clients.





  • Our key to social media marketing success is to find ways to integrate the social life of key company players in to a firm's or brand's overall marketing strategy. Interesting hobbies and acts of giving are excellent ways for the general public to get to know your company.

  • Sometimes a social media marketing strategy can have unintended consequences - for the better. If you google the term Calgary Bridal Shops, the first image is a bridal shop going out of business sale. This image sits on the DavidHowseMarketing.Com blog. After the sale, David redirected the image to

  • Bill Borger of Calgary at a fundraising event
    The David Foster Fundriser in Calgary

    In the above photo, Bill Borger and Yolanda Foster chat during the David Foster and Friends Calgary fundraiser - September 27, 2014

Calgary Marketing Strategies

Harmony Fashion is a new Swarovski Elements jewellery company in Calgary. Their current goal is to be known as having the largest Swarovski jewellery collection in Calary. After we setup their website and social media accounts the next step was a steady stream of promotion. Advertising is not the best use of social media but if Twitter and Facebook can boost sales by 10 percent just on posting photos and links this it would be smart to start such a tactic asap.

Fancy Cufflinks is another new Calgary business that focuses on men's cufflinks. Their strategy was very similar to Harmony Fashion except for a piece of unexpected luck. Check out the photo on our home page (bottom left corner). TV's Say Yes to the Dress star Monte Durham was thrilled with his new cufflinks from Fancy Cufflinks that he sent them this photo. Also note the Harmony Fashion banner in the background. Marketing collaborations can be very productive.